vacation in england?

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vacation in england?

Post by cupcake_love » Fri Jun 19, 2009 23:29

we want to do the whole train thing when going to indietracks, and as we've never really been to england before (except once in london), we thought we'd go see something else on the way. like nottingham, brighton, cambridge, oxford, birmingham, sheffield, leeds, hull, manchester or liverpool maybe? or something completely else that me missed? we will only a a couple of days, so we would probably only be able to go to one or two of these, unless they're very close by.

we're not incredible interested in history in general, but a plus would be a nice little bed&breakfast, or a nice veggie restaurant.
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Re: vacation in england?

Post by jayen_aitch » Sat Jun 20, 2009 09:47

It's very rare that someone suggests a holiday to Hull, and as much as I enjoy living here, I can understand the reasons for that. If you do end up coming here then we can certainly point you towards a veggie restaurant and some veggie cafes.

If I were you, though, and wanting places closer to indietracks and each other, I'd probably opt for Sheffield, and Nottingham, which have good links with one another, and which really aren't too far away from Alfreton. I've eaten in nice veggie places in both. Or I might look to see what good gigs and events were on just around indietracks, and head along to them.

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Re: vacation in england?

Post by Trev » Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:40

Bath is always good value - nice town. Decent restaurants. Small but with lots to see and do. And it has plenty of history (not in your remit, I know).

Downside: It's not on route to or from Indietracks though.

And we've stayed at this cracking Veggie B&B (it isn't a cheap B&B either.....) - I am fairly sure this was it:
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Re: vacation in england?

Post by humblebee » Sat Jun 20, 2009 13:53

If you're wanting to catch a few popshows either side of Indietracks, there'll be one in Sheffield on Tuesday 28 July...

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Re: vacation in england?

Post by godsmonkey » Sat Jun 20, 2009 13:59

If you make it to Manchester I would recommend the Factory Records walking tour, run by the Urbis arts centre:

I live in Watford. I wouldn't recommend visiting here!

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Re: vacation in england?

Post by roundbitsofplastic » Thu Jun 25, 2009 19:50

if you find yrself in birmingstown then i recomend a trip to the black country living museum or, if yr that way inclined cadbury world.

and for food there are of course MILLIONS of curryhouses in brum, including jyoti's which is totally veggie (ignore jamie oliver's stupid face if you follow that link). also, there's the really quite nice and always improving ware house cafe. aaaaand although it's not totally veggie, i do enjoy a trip to cafe soya, they have two places quite close to one another.

and birmingham now has open top bus tour thingies apparently. so yea, check out the pen museum or something.
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Re: vacation in england?

Post by mimpkin » Thu Jun 25, 2009 21:57

humblebee wrote:If you're wanting to catch a few popshows either side of Indietracks, there'll be one in Sheffield on Tuesday 28 July...
Although I wouldn't usually recommend Nottingham, there is a pre-indietracks gig on Thursday 23rd. (See the 'Specific Heats + Give It Ups + Sarandon, Nottingham - 23/07' thread) and the Alley Cafe is a nice little veggie cafe bar place.

Apart from that the only thing that Nottingham has going for it is that it isn't that far from Indietracks.
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Re: vacation in england?

Post by nanski » Fri Jun 26, 2009 09:51

if you like nice countryside, i recommend the peak district. there will be loads of lovely b&bs out there, and even (most) pubs in the UK will have vegetarian options.
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