Katie Rice

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Katie Rice

Post by linus » Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:35


french ye-ye girls by katie rice, from over here: http://funnycute.blogspot.com/2011/07/2 ... t-its.html

katie rice is one of my most favourite living cartoonists


she can really wield a marker pen like nobody's business, katie is also an animator and worked/works (?) at spümcø with john kricfalusi, the man who brought the world 'ren and stimpy' (and another genius cartoonist/animator), she first met john k when she was a small person and insisted her dad drove her to his studio (which wasn't so far away) so she could meet him and he encouraged her to keep on drawing and keep on believing and eventually when she was all growed up they ended up working together (aw, it's like willy wonka)

she's also done work for disney tv and nickleodeon

she contributed to this weird al video too:

more drawing and stuff here, here and here:


all the artwork on her funny cute blogspot blog was recently deleted by accident, so she's kind of klutzy, which makes her even more heroic and worshipful in my book


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