The Hector Collectors - The Boring Album

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The Hector Collectors - The Boring Album

Post by ajsmith » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:13


Download it free above.

The Hector Collectors are an indiepop group from Glasgow, Scotland, who started in 2000AD and were played on John Peel's show a few times back in the day.

From 2004 - 2008, they recorded tracks for an album planned to be known as 'The Boring Album' , which was conceived as an ambient lofi indiepop record recreating the feeling of being bored at home in the UK in the mid 90s. The sessions were never released at the time due to other stuff getting in the way, and in the meantime things like chillwave and hauntology and all that happened in the late 00s/early 10s which seemed to share similar aims n' aesthetics.

Now, in early 2017, long after anyone would care and with the world gripped by a widespread political engagement that has woken most from their vaporwave haze, The Hector Collectors (who are still going and plan to release a proper new album later this year) have decided the time is right to polish up those mid 00s recordings and sneak them out so that anyone who cares can hear their prescient but also now double dated take on formless 20/30 something suburban nostalgia, a movement we would have called 'L Y N D H U R S T W A V E' (after Nicholas Lyndhurst) if we had been movers and shakers during Obama's first term.

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