Lifts to Indietracks from further afield?

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Lifts to Indietracks from further afield?

Post by dandelion » Sun Jun 09, 2019 09:19

mr dandelion and I are flying over from Dublin this year. It's my first Indietracks in a few years, and his first ever, so we're really excited :)

Unfortunately the flights between Dublin and East Midlands take off at stupid o'clock on the Friday and Monday so we are looking at alternative arrangements, and wondering if it might be possible to get lifts to/from any other city with an airport? We don't mind long road trips and from quick glance at airline schedules even a lift as far as Aberdeen on the Monday could get us home earlier than waiting for the flight at EMA!

I really really want to see Peaness so we do need to be there for the start on Friday. We're AirBnB'ing it in Swanwick.

Thanks for any assistance :)

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