Milk and Alcohol - formerly 555

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stewart boyracer
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Milk and Alcohol - formerly 555

Post by stewart boyracer » Mon Apr 11, 2011 16:05

Hi guys, been a while since we have done anything musically... but we have a new label, new band and a couple of new releases (sort of).
We have also re-opened the mailorder page, containing some long lost out of print beauties and cheap stuff if you have the patience to scroll through the list!

We still have no distro, nor is it likely we ever will have at this point. So, these titles are only available from us. Help spread the word if you can!

Stew and Jen

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Re: Milk and Alcohol - formerly 555

Post by everard » Mon Apr 11, 2011 18:48

really pleased there's a new label, that's great!

some ace stuff on the mailorder page. i have most if not all of it already but am tempted to get a spare copy of the grey tapes cd+book when i order the milk & alcohol releases.

people into gold-bears might want to pick up the plastic mastery cdep, only $1. the aislers set lp for $3 is a bargain too.

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Re: Milk and Alcohol - formerly 555

Post by tekno_alice » Mon Apr 11, 2011 20:46

Whoo new old Steward! I'll have that! Great to see that yr back doing music, knew it wouldn't take long

stewart boyracer
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Re: Milk and Alcohol - formerly 555

Post by stewart boyracer » Thu Sep 22, 2011 20:07

It's been a while, but we have some very exciting new releases-

12 MINUTES AT THE HOT CLUB MURPHY (Milk 04) a limited 7″ EP reissue of a deserving but frightfully unknown 1982 rarity. 457 numbered copies, individually silkscreened. (A co-release with Chuck Warners Messthetics label).
The hype? Adventurous, subtly-hued pop art from a Rosetta Stone line-up of post-Homosexuals / This Heat / Rock in Opposition squat savants. A YouTube videos for one of the six tracks is up at - - with original artwork and representative sleeves from the 7″ EPs. (note- original copies of this record have known to top $100 on ebay. Chucks already nearly sold out of his copies. I don't imagine I will have these for long).

TRICIA YATES FANCLUB (Milk 05) 8 track CD of garage punk fuzzed out pop from you know who…

BOBBY CARLSON SINGS THE HITS (Milk 03) Full length CD from Flagstaff’s very own man about town. Difficult to pigeonhole Mr Carlson, but trust me it’s got it all. Mariachi flavours, a sense of adventure and the absurd, sonnonbulant vocals… like Willie Nelson on acid.

All these titles, (and more) available at

MP3s for your listening pleasure at

Other news, we are excited that our good friends the Cannanes will be visiting and playing their only US show this year in Flagstaff on October 27th. Also playing, and heralding the welcome return of Jen Turrell to the live arena, is new band THE FUR COUGHS. Ara is also threatening to join us for a possible run through of a handful of Boyracer classics if he can scrape together the airfare. We'll see...

Finally, October is also when we join in the Walk Now For Autism Speaks. If you would like to sponsor our Team Talluah (any amount!) you can do so at

Many thanks!

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