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stewart boyracer
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boyracer etc...

Post by stewart boyracer » Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:05

Happy New Year! Here's hoping its a better one than the last one! Lots of things going on in our world! And lots of new releases on the horizon. However, we won't be making physical releases anymore. We can't even sell enough CDrs to make it worthwhile anymore, and are almost into single digit sales! Not that we let minor details like that stop us making music. We are actually involved with lots of new bands with a plethora of unreleased music that we haven't been able to find any labels to release, (and we can't afford to anymore). So, from now on my new recordings will appear fairly regularly at
Indeed there is a brand new EP from Hulaboy up there now, all exclusive material. Pay what you like...

There are 2 more 555 Recordings EPs up at
We will eventually get around to putting up all 50+ out of print 555 7inches as and when we find the master DATs/CDs/Minidiscs.

Plus, we are also archiving Boyracers 7inch and compliation output at - theres new (old stuff) up there too. (The Blackbean years!).

Those that know us will know we are raising 2 autistic daughters. We are using any monies raised through these bandcamp sites to raise money to provide an autism service dog for Tallulah. You can read more about it at Jens blog

All the sites are pay what you like from now on, (free if you wish), but if you are able to support us, please know your hard earned money is going to help with our daughters safety and well being.

We are working on new projects for all of these bandcamp sites, and will be posting new material on all 3 sites in March. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the current material on the sites.

Thanks for your support!
Stew, Jen, Tallulah and Myffy XXXX

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Re: boyracer etc...

Post by gofelt » Mon Jul 22, 2013 00:37

There are a million reasons to love and adore Boyracer. This is 1,000,000+1

It's just AMAZING. I've been listening to this non-stop all weekend.
I know it's been difficult for Stew and his family lately. I just hope they are all doing very well.

PS:That "To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Your Grip" album is a piece of BEAUTY!
PS2:If only there were bands around today that would sound like them..
I slice the surface here beside you/Lungs filled liquid yell I love you/Sound moves further underwater
Deep and dark my submarine bells groan in greens and grey/Mine would chime a thousand times/To make you feel okay..

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Re: boyracer etc...

Post by T.O.Y.S » Mon Jul 29, 2013 14:46

This is my favourite Boyracer video but that is because I am a Ged fan and bandmate.

stewart boyracer
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Free New Boyracer Xmas EP

Post by stewart boyracer » Tue Dec 03, 2013 20:26

Free Boyracer download EP. These are the first new Boyracer recordings in nearly 5 years. Available now until Dec 25th. Have a good 'un everyone!

Jen + Stew XXX

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