Stewart Anderson Fundraiser Retrospective Compilation

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Stewart Anderson Fundraiser Retrospective Compilation

Post by stewart boyracer » Thu Mar 08, 2012 04:19

Dear Friends- After over two decades of making records that rarely broke even, it seems ridiculous that I would attempt to make money off my music now, with what will very possibly be the last physical release I am involved with but... here goes!

As many of you know our daughter Tallulah, now nearly 5, is non-verbal autistic and also has the immune disorder Eosinophilic Esophagitis, (unable to eat, tube fed). We are trying to raise money to buy an autism service dog to help with her safety and transitions. I have compiled a fundraiser "Best Of Stewart" compilation CD, with 32 bands I have been involved with over the past 23 years.

It really is my life's work. Many of you possibly only know me as "the bloke from Boyracer", but hopefully this compilation will shed some light on the other areas of my glittering musical career. Hahaha...
The CD is available for donations $25 (or more!) from-

And you can check out the tracklisting here- ... pective-cd
There are many exclusive tracks either recorded especially, or granted public release from those involved, specific to this release.

The CD is also available from our mailorder site, should you wish to take the opportunity to load up on some back catalogue also!

We have had a stunning response so far! Thankyou so much if you have already donated. (And please let us know, if we haven't contacted you already, your shipping address as the YouCaring website does not forward information to us-just your money! We will ship next week).

We also have a few other musical things-
New 11 track full length from Prime 8s (pay what you like)
Plus new material also at

All donations will go towards Tallulah.

And if you are unable to contribute right now please consider helping us by spreading the word! Feel free to re-post the links to your friends, on your blog or your favourite social media site.

Thanks so much for your support.

Stewart, Jen, Tallulah and Myffy XXXX

PS- There is more information and explanations of what an Autism Service Dog is capable of at Jen's blog - - where you can also follow Tallulah's progress.

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Re: Stewart Anderson Fundraiser Retrospective Compilation

Post by RITH » Mon Mar 12, 2012 00:24

I hope this will get her her dog Stewart. All the best!

On a less important note: that compilation doesn't look bad! And wow, 32 bands... it'll be hard to think of someone who's been involved in more projects. Well, I can't.

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