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Pebble Records Shop News!

Post by pebble » Wed Oct 01, 2014 18:15

Hello everyone!

A quick update after a long absence from these pages Pebble Records has opened a bricks and mortar shop in Eastbourne on the South coast. The website has also had a revamp and is getting abck to what it was (long story won't bore you with it!). If no one has any strong objections I will post here relevant new releases that may be of interest that are available in the shop.

Main new stuff at the moment is all Cassette Store Day releases are now up on the website and there is some really great stuff there from Marshall Teller, Sonic Cathedral, Suplex, Bella Union, Bad Paintings, Kissability / Milk! Records, Art Is Hard and some hidden gems including Viscous Liquid check 'em out!

There is also a section of stuff I bought at indietracks for those who couldn't go or maybe missed out on some of the homemade releases from the wekend as well as releases from bands who played (yep I know it was ages ago but it's been a long summer that's an even longer story!).

We're throwing stuff on the website to catch up so please do bear with us but other highlights are the Dufflecoat/Jigsaw singles club (now sold out I believe), Alpaca Sports vinyl and cds, Box Bedroom Rebels 7"s including Water World standard issue and Mini Dresses, lots from Luxury and Beko.......

So please do have a look

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