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Sarah Records Reissues OUT NOW

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 16:24
by stewart boyracer
Hey hey!

Just announced, and selling fast, 3 new Sarah reissues and an new comp of unreleased Sarah Bands material

There are EXTREMELY limited splatter vinyl versions, exclusive to the site, and Tshirts also exclusive. This pre-sale site is intended as a fundraiser to help with the upcoming UK tour, and to get Even As We Speaks plane fare. The overseas shipping SUCKS we know! This is the ACTUAL shipping, and we have no control over it! However, the limited LPs all look like selling out in the next 24 hours so we wanted to let you know. We also will only make as many Tshirts as we get orders for whilst the splatter records are available. (This link will be removed once the records have sold out)

EVEN AS WE SPEAK feral pop frenzy - REMASTERED with new artwork

ACTION PAINTING! trail cuts - Sarah singles + unreleased. Download includes 12 previously unreleased tracks.

BOYRACER fling yr bonnet over the windmill Sarah Singles

V/A 2 new exclusive tracks from Even As We Speak, Action Painting!, Boyracer and Secret Shine

Heres the link, tell yer mates...


Jen and Stew

Re: Sarah Records Reissues OUT NOW

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 22:12
by stewart boyracer
Now sold out! Thanks everyone!

Re: Sarah Records Reissues OUT NOW

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 15:55
by stewart boyracer
LONDON show has sold out. 4 months in advance! Still tickets for Bristol, Leeds and Brighton, but all selling fast.
Hope to see some of you soon!