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La Femme

Post by linus » Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:49

In recent years some of the bands that have really been tickling my whatsernames have been French... The Liminanas and The Wendy Darlings, par example... and now, rather late to the party, I've arrived upon La Femme


The first pic I saw of the band had them all sporting bleach blond hair and coming on like the Midwich Cuckoos from 'Village of the Damned', described as 'psyche-punk' , La Femme's debut 'Psycho Tropical Berlin' LP (following three EPs) is a frenetic, kinetic, busy, utterly groovy mix of disco, surf, ye-ye, garage punk, droning motorik murk and much else besides... like Stereolab on bop pills

And man when they hit me, I landed in the middle of the floor

They've been getting press since 2010, have played the US and the UK and I really need to get to see them live, because it looks like quite the treat (looks like they're in the UK in Decembre avec dates in Bristol, Londres, Manchester, Preston et Glasgow)

I refuse to believe I'm the only person not bugging out to this... so who's with me?

I can see this cosying up to the likes of Girl One and The Grease Guns and T.O.Y.S. in my record collection, but maybe that's just me and my ears... sounds like... sounds like... POP music ... al-berlin/ ... lin-review


Re: La Femme

Post by noLooking » Mon Oct 10, 2016 14:22

linus wrote:I refuse to believe I'm the only person not bugging out to this... so who's with me?
Just catching up. The new album rules!

Opening song is pretty great, though this is a truly horrible video

Actually quite big in France as well, which is pleasing.

Also found out about Juniore, who are supporting them at the mo and are marvellous in a similar line, though in more of a consistent 60's surf/ye-ye vein:

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