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Nervous Twitch

Post by Trev » Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:15 am

Think it's about time the fabulous Nervous Twitch got their own 'thing' here on Anorak.

They did a live session on Marc Riley last night - you can listen to the show here:

They've released two 7" singles on Punk Fox.

And both their LPs have come out on cassettes on Odd Box. The first cassette 'Get Back In Line' was pressed in initial run of 50 (Pink tapes) -that sold out. We made 50 more (Red Tapes) - and they've nearly all gone, too. The second LP 'Don't Take My TV' came out at the end of February. And we made 100 on Blue cassettes this time. And we already have less than 30 remaining. These are HOT.

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