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by saviourette
Thu Nov 15, 2007 22:00
Forum: animal anorak
Topic: hamsters and other rodenty things
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my chinchilla, artie, is making the move up to live with me in less than a week! he's lived with my parents for the past 4 years while i was away at uni and i've missed his furry little face off. this is going to be a best thing ever.
by saviourette
Sun Nov 11, 2007 01:35
Forum: not indiepop
Topic: You already know how this will end: a DeVotchka thread
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You already know how this will end: a DeVotchka thread

are pretty much the only thing i'm listening to lately. sweetly melancholy, perfect music for having a hopeful and hopeless crush. featured prominently on the little miss sunshine soundtrack. yes!
by saviourette
Thu Nov 08, 2007 16:22
Forum: book talk
Topic: Thee Short Story
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oooh southern gothic. my last non-art class at scad was a southern lit class. the class was such a fucking joke but, despite the shitty-ness of the course, i hung onto the book because it's full of fun short stories that we never got to read. because the class was lame.
by saviourette
Thu Nov 08, 2007 15:47
Forum: we love public transport
Topic: It's terrific by train
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i've finally moved convenient to the train that lakes me to work (long island rail road, reprasent!) so i no longer have to drive. already today has been so much better than most other days because i didn't storm into work pissed off from idiots in their automobiles. plus the conductor was ridiculou...
by saviourette
Thu Nov 08, 2007 15:04
Forum: north america
Topic: anorak loves new york
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can i just say: i'm super excited about this.
by saviourette
Fri Nov 02, 2007 17:35
Forum: food! and drink!
Topic: Comfort eating
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beef stew&cornbread.
especially the jiffy cornbread from a blue box.

i would make some tonight, but i'll be consuming dinner in another comforting form. namely booze.
by saviourette
Fri Nov 02, 2007 17:22
Forum: food! and drink!
Topic: Pineapple, peaches, pears, plums , but not pomegranate
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That's the massivest limb ever. You're going to end up hurting yourself out there. but you don't get hurt if the limb is massive! you get hurt when the limb is long and thin and whippy and/or brittle. unless she goes to the end of said massive limb and gets bitten by a territorial squirrel. that's ...
by saviourette
Fri Nov 02, 2007 15:10
Forum: glamorak
Topic: Accessories
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i want this belt buckle. it's a swashbuckle! (swashes are the swooshy bits at the ends of letterforms, for everyone who's NOT a total type-geek) this might compete with the kern jacket for design-nerdiest article of clothing ever.
by saviourette
Fri Nov 02, 2007 14:34
Forum: anorak computing
Topic: you and your mp3 player
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my silly old 20g ipod picks certain days where "shuffle" really means "play 2 consecutive songs by the same artist all day long." monday was one of those days.
by saviourette
Fri Nov 02, 2007 13:37
Forum: glamorak
Topic: perfume
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hmmm i've been using the same tiny bottle of body shop's white musk for quite a while. it was a gift, it kind of became default because i'm too intimidated to go try and pick out one for myself. but! it was a perfect choice.