It's panoramic by plane

yes we do, yes we do
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It's panoramic by plane

Post by Martijn » Sun Nov 16, 2008 23:08

(Unless, of course, your flight is to or from the UK, in which case it is predominantly cloudy by plane.)

We took the plane from Amsterdam to Exeter earlier today. The captain said he knew most of us were experienced flyers and knew the safety instructions by heart, but could we please pretend we were watching, for there's nothing as frustrating as doing the demonstrations to a bunch of newspapers.

Erm, well, and there wasn't a plane topic yet. I think.

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Re: It's panoramic by plane

Post by darvé » Sat Nov 22, 2008 09:11

We flew back from Austria yesterday, and it was the clearest, most perfect morning to be above the clouds, just beautiful. Unfortunately, my ipod decided to stop working, and i'd finished my book at the airport, and due to suffering right now from a bit of a stinking cold my ears wouldn't pop, which resulted in this crazy searing pain behind my left eye, which really didn't go until i had a good nights sleep last night. It wasn't the best 2 hours of my life.

Still, flying! it's dead good, in a funny sort of putting up with it because you have to way.
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Re: It's panoramic by plane

Post by lynsosaurus » Sat Nov 22, 2008 13:16

i really enjoy long haul flights, in a perverse kind of way. i've had two trips to chile for fieldwork as part of my phd, and the weeks leading up to leaving have always been pretty stressful and full of long days at work and lots of preparation. it's kind of like, as soon as i leave for the airport i've done everything i can do and have a whole day of travelling where i don't even have the option of doing any work. for a whole day, you can be in this little world that is completely alien to your normal life, and where your routine and the way you deal with other people are totally different. the only important things are eating, sleeping and watching films. and, on that flight in particular, the last few hours of the flight are utterly spectacular if you have a window seat and are flying over at sunrise or sunset.

there is nothing worse than a short haul ryanair flight. i find the fury rising in me before i even start queuing to get on the plane, and i feel like murdering people by the time i get to the other end. i'm trying to avoid those wherever possible.

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