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New York + vacinity Record Shopping tips

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 14:27
by tobifail
Hello, does anyone have any recomendations for decent record shops in New York and surrounding area?

Going next week, jolly excited

Re: New York + v_I_cinity Record Shopping tips

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 00:42
by everard
academy annex (williamsburg -- n6th st between wythe & berry) seems to be considered the best place in new york
there are a few other record shops in the area, e.g. soundfix on berry st: have a wander around.
co-op 87 (greenpoint -- guernsey st) opened since i was last in nyc & looks to be worth a visit for sure, believe it's a captured tracks/ mexican summer venture so possibly the best bet for pop stuff.

manhattan (all relatively close)
other music (e 4th st between lafayette & broadway) is overrated but has to be done
st marks bookshop (3rd avenue between 8th & 9th) isn't a record shop but it's near other music & a great shop
generation (thompson between w 3rd st & bleeker) is a good punk/hc shop, excellent basement
kim's (1st avenue between e 7th & 8th) is pretty decent, pity their other branches shut down.
cake shop (ludlow st between stanton & rivington) has a few records. then go check out abc no rio on rivington.

these are the decent ones i found. i'm sure there are glaring omissions, maybe someone who knows the city better can suggest some. new york is ace, can't wait to go back.

Re: New York + vacinity Record Shopping tips

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 20:52
by tobifail
thank you :)

also thank you for the sterling hand lent at the le tigre bash, was very much appreciated xx