Model Village/Chorusgirl/BFB - CAMBRIDGE - 13th Nov

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Model Village/Chorusgirl/BFB - CAMBRIDGE - 13th Nov

Post by carney » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:35

Model Village album launch gig!

Fri 13th Nov @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge (map)
Doors 8pm, £4 adv (from here) /£5 doors

The new Model Village LP, "Healing Centre", is released on the 13th of November, so come and join us to celebrate this marvellous occasion! Also getting involved are some excellent guests: Chorusgirl (who release ther debut album the same day) and Biscuits For Bears.

Model Village's third album, “Healing Centre” strives to unite all forms of pop music into a melodic, unpretentious whole. Influenced by Jim O’Rourke, Prefab Sprout, Yo La Tengo, Steely Dan, Red House Painters, and Camera Obscura, the group pull the threads together into their most compelling record to date, their first full-length with vocalist Lily Somerville.

Conceived at a time when almost the entire group were trying to change various frustrating aspects of their lives, the songs on “Healing Centre” encapsulate a range of responses to disheartening situations. One the one hand, disappointment, regret, and resentment all feature, but hope, relief, and the anticipation of escape break through. With repeated doses of bathos and black humour; subjects as diverse as creepy internet dating, being let down by friends, dementia, crap films, nostalgia, and railing at the blindly self-obsessed, are set to almost incongruously upbeat, jangly guitar riffs and tight, driving unfussy rhythms, finished off with a smidgen of sophistipop keyboards.

Chorusgirl make noisepop, blending the sounds of Lush, the Cure, The Breeders, Pulp, the Bangles, surf, girl groups, melodies, dirt, jangle and noise into a swirling & shimmering mix that spins your head until you’re dizzy. The lyrics are personal, delicate and angry, about losing and giving up, but all of that heartache and anger is layered underneath enough noisy rubble and happy fizz.

Their debut, eponymous album is also released on the 13th of Nov, on the ever-reliable Fortuna Pop! Records label.

Originators of the brutepop genre, Cambridge's Biscuits For Bears are newly stripped down to a slick pop machine in the trio format. Lyrically cutting and melodically effervescent, you should file them in between Elvis Costello, Half Man Half Biscuit, and Big Star.

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