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The Drink + Nervous Conditions - CAMBRIDGE - 30th Jan

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:53
by carney
Crushing Death & Grief present:
THE DRINK + guests tba
Sat 30th January @ The Blue Moon, Norfolk St, Cambridge
Doors 8pm, £6 adv from

Pinning down the sound of The Drink is a pretty tricky affair, and figuring out what their actual influences are seems like total guesswork. The London-based trio have just released Capital, their second album in under a year and have managed to cram more ideas into such a a quickly produced record than is healthy. Dearbhla Minogue (also of the excellent group The Wharves) is just overflowing with counter-intuitive but infectious vocal melodies and complex, twangy guitar lines that twist, turn, and wrap around themselves. The rhythm section of Daniel Fordham and David Stewart keep things incessantly groovy, but with a light touch that resists easy temptations to lumpenly rock out. The end result sounds like a refined blend of Richard Thompson, Stereolab, American Football, The Raincoats, Cate Le Bon, Fela Kuti, Yo La Tengo, and Arvo Pärt. So straightforward, so intricate, so brilliant.

Utilising twin drummers, cavernous sax, relentless bass lines, and howling vocals, the alarmingly green Nervous Conditions take the darkest and most guttural sounds of post-punk and re-appropriate them for the current age of austerity. The seemingly autocratic seven-piece take cues from The Fall, Gallon Drunk, Prolapse, James Chance, The Birthday Party, and Bauhaus as they rail against the tedium of provincial youth.


Re: The Drink + Nervous Conditions - CAMBRIDGE - 30th Jan

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 23:05
by carney
Now with added Nervous Conditions.