Lunchtime For The Wild Youth - new fanzine

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Lunchtime For The Wild Youth - new fanzine

Post by Swiss Concrete » Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:45 pm

Hello all! Just thought I'd let you know about my new fanzine.

Lunchtime For The Wild Youth is a fanzine about the music you leave behind with your youth.

The fanzine takes a personal look back at albums I haven't played for years and re-assesses them musically, along with personal anecdotes as to what the albums remind me of. As the music was all released in the Eighties, it seemed fitting to type it up on a typewriter and cut n paste it old style. The fanzine was then illustrated by my daughter Robyn, producing her artistic interpretations of the album sleeves.

Featuring acts from The Cult to The Mission and The Soup Dragons to The Darling Buds, all Eighties life is here.

You can get it, for the princely sum of £1, from here: ... wild-youth

Trades are very welcome too!

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