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Issue #13 of DrunkenWerewolf

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:02
by drunkenwerewolf
Hello anoraks!

I got recommended this forum by a friend, who thought some of you might be interested in DrunkenWerewolf, a bimonthly music fanzine based in Bristol. Hope it's okay to post here!

You can now get an A3 b&w copy of Issue #13 posted to your door for £2.00 to any British address or £3.00 internationally. Go here ( for the 'Buy Now' buttons.

This issue, we've caught up with Blaine Harrison and Kapil Trivedi from established British act Mystery Jets; editor Tiffany Daniels talks to them about their new album Serotonin, and how their future won't reflect their past; the front cover illustration was drawn by Anneke Koster. Elsewhere, there's an extensive exploration into the mind of Paul Hawkins, and Pete Roe talks jazz, Bristol and The Merry-Go-Round. Representing the female species, Woodpecker Wooliams tells us how to bake a cake and care for bees, and up-and-coming dancefloor darlings Bear Driver get a grilling. Finally, in the reviews section we take a look at new releases from Caitlin Rose, Wolf Parade and more!