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Posted: Wed May 27, 2015 04:29
by Yex
This summer I will be in Istanbul for a few days on my honeymoon. Any recommendations on what to do/see/eat in the city and/or surrounding areas?

Re: Turkey

Posted: Wed May 27, 2015 09:14
by islandhopper
All the major tourist attractions are actually within about a 10 minute walk of each other so can be done really easily. The Roman cisterns are pretty cool as well as the usual mosques / palace. Just check in advance when things are open because some of them shut on Monday or Tuesday.
You can take a boat trip down the Bosphorus for dirt cheap or just take a wander though some of the other parts of town. The tram is an efficient and cheap way of getting about.
Didn't have anything amazing to eat when I was there apart from a beautiful baklava.