I'd like to buy a record player... recommendations?

we don't know but perhaps a fellow anorak will - ask them here
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Re: I'd like to buy a record player... recommendations?

Post by jayen_aitch » Sat Aug 25, 2012 20:31

Astrid and I have been thinking about getting our mits on a record player, we've accidentally collected a (small) pile of vinyl that came attached to download codes over the years, and its a trend that we can only see continuing.

I asked Astrid what sort of turntable she would like and she said it should play records and look a bit vintagey.

I quite like the sound of that myself, and looking around I found one which looks vintagey and can plug into an amp rather than relying on its own speakers, it also is not too expensive, and has some system for making MP3s out of vinyl. All of this sounds good to me.

But then I look at the negative reviews, they suggest the one I was looking at (and all the others made by the same company) are poorly put together, liable to break soon, and quite likely to damage the records you are trying to listen to.

This is the record player in question: http://www.google.co.uk/products/catalo ... CDAQ8wIwAA

The same seems to be true of the offerings from Steepletone, which, yes, do look vintage, but also have the drawbacks of seemingly only playing through their own speakers, and have no USB spot, as far as I can tell.

Obviously there have been some suggestions made above, but none of them have the sort of look that Astrid was keen on. Is there a record player that anyone thinks we should look at that ticks all of the boxes above, or is the tradeoff for getting a nice looking record player that you end up with terrible sound? (Obviously if so, sound trumps looks, we might as well buy a painting or a piece of sculpture if we are just getting something that looks nice but does not play records.)

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Re: I'd like to buy a record player... recommendations?

Post by tonieee » Sun Aug 26, 2012 08:58

I don't know much about turntables but I suspect most of these modern vintage look ones are not great sounding. We've got a standalone Steepletone one for the kitchen and it's not bad but won't connect to an amp.

One thing I do know is you don't need anything special to digitize your records. If your amp has got output sockets (eg to a tape deck) then you can connect that to you're computer's line in and use Audacity or similar to record it. If your turntable has a pre amp (which some modern turntables seem to) then you can connect the turntable direct to your computer.

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