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Need new glasses urgently - specific needs - UK reccomendations please.

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 02:51
by Jangloid Mark
I need new glasses as mine are on their last legs.

I am yet to find an optician that can get me the glasses that I need - needs are a little unique.

If anyone knows an optician that can, pleae, please, PLEASE POST HERE....

My needs....

I have no bridge to my nose, and super sensitive sides to my nose due
to nerve damage.

What I am looking for is :

1. Glasses where the bridge is near the bottom of the frame (around
80-85% of the way down.

The arms would be attached at the same height as the bridge.

To give you an idea of the bridge (although I could use one slightly
lower), here is a pic of former snooker champion Dennis Taylor ... 0OqmBHhgzs

2. NO PADS. The bridge would need to be soft and almost flat, so it
sits on the front of the nose (where there is no damage), rather than
contact with the side of the nose (which is very painful for me).

3. Elasicated, metallic 'curl sides' at the end of the arms. The
glasses would be held in place from the back, rather than the front.