Which CD writer?

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Which CD writer?

Post by Jangloid Mark » Mon May 30, 2011 23:23

Ok...so my external CD writer has died.

I'm looking for a new one. But, where to start?

My upper cash limit is £30, here's what I'm looking for...

*Works with Windows XP home edition.

*something plug & play. USB preferably, but, doen't have to be - as long as I can just plug it straight in and not have to mess around with unscrewing stuff, or getting extra cables.

*High speed burning - doesn't have to be the absolute fastest, but, the faster the better. It will primarily be used for making 80 minute mixes on blank CDRs....I use a neat little program called 'Burrrn' for this (although can also be done in Media Monkey).

*Don't really care how quiet it is. I've usually got my headphones on when burning anyway...

*Something robust that will last. Doesn't need to go anywhere, it will sit on the shelf by my desktop tower...so, slimline/portable ISN'T NEEDED and to be honest, I'd rather something that may take a few knocks over the years.

*If it can burn DVDs, that's a bonus, and one that I'd prefer, but, is not essential. If it can burn DVDs, speed is not at all essential for this - just for CDs

Ok...over to you lot...what should I go for?
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