Do you collect anything?

like, y'know, crafty stuff, exercise, walking, gardening...
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Re: Do you collect anything?

Post by Cabanaucanada » Tue Sep 07, 2010 21:16

Marabouts flyers!

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Re: Do you collect anything?

Post by Mr Bear » Tue Sep 07, 2010 21:45

80sfan wrote:as a child i has a small collection of about a dozen stones which i'd found and were quite interesting (shiny/oddly-shaped/pretty colours etc.)

then, my grandma decided this was a full-blown obsession of mine and would give me a stone any time she went anywhere new. even if they were round and dull. if she went on holiday, she would bring back 5 or 6 stones to add to my "collection".

i had to buy new containers for all the sodding stones she'd bring me. at the peak, i had over 500 stones and pebbles in glass jugs and plant pots around my room.

whenever i moved house (this happened several times in my childhood) i had to put all my stones in a big bin bag (triple-lined, obv!), which lead to numerous jokes when people were lugging this bag around. i say "numerous" - thare wasn't too much deviation from "christ, what've you got in here? a bag of stones?"

Amazing post. Very well done.

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Re: Do you collect anything?

Post by bobbydigital » Sun Jul 24, 2011 19:06



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Re: Do you collect anything?

Post by graysonscolumn » Sun Jul 24, 2011 21:10

Music and books are a given, but those aside I collect software (mostly games) for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron.

Not as straightforward a task as you might think, as with about 2,000 titles between them (some still being unearthed to this very day) it was much more of a games machine than the association with all those Ian McNaught-Davis, Lesley Judd and Fred Harris-fronted Computer Literacy Project TV shows may have implied.

It's just that for every BBC Micro original such as Elite, Repton and Thrust that came out to major acclaim, there were dozens of other titles sold off the back of one-line ads in the back of Acorn User and the like and missed by nearly everyone - often with good reason!

I still sort of collect actual BBC Micro machines as well, but mostly as sources of spares or if I need more than my current fleet (namely: four BBC Model Bs, a BBC Master and an Acorn Electron) for whichever retro fair I'm exhibiting at. At one point (after a salvage job at my old secondary school) I was the proud owner of 23 BBCs, which was just insane. Numbers are a bit more manageable now.

Other than Beeb stuff, I also collect bus ephemera and artefacts. There are boxes and boxes worth of magazines, tickets, fleet lists, timetables and above all photographs in this 'ere flat, mostly dating from the post-Deregulation era onwards but with a few odds and sods stretching back into the late 1970s. My chassis badges for the Leyland Atlantean and Daimler Fleetline (of the sort depicted below) are particularly treasured;

Image is my numberplate taken from an old "Little Gem" GM Buses Dodge S56 minibus.

I am single.

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Re: Do you collect anything?

Post by ogata tetsuo » Sat Sep 15, 2018 12:21

Many years passed and I still collecting :)

Besides 7"inch vinyl, i'm looking for some donations of:

- phonecards
- bank cards
- hotel keys
- gift cards
- used stamps
- sugar packets
- lottery tickets
- transport tickets
- used stamps
- fruit stickers
- drink labels (beer, wine, water, sodas, etc, etc)


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