DIY adventures, advice and so forth

like, y'know, crafty stuff, exercise, walking, gardening...
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Re: DIY adventures, advice and so forth

Post by mimpkin » Sun Mar 22, 2009 21:33

Other relationship wreckers: hanging lining paper.
Lining paper really is a job for one person only.
I love hanging lining paper, I'm really good at it too. Its even more fun than tiling. I did the whole of the downstairs of our house and I'll be doing my friends kitchen sometime soon. Its so nice after when it looks nice and clean, all ready to paint.

I wish I had time and money to do more decorating, my house is permanently half finished.
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Re: DIY adventures, advice and so forth

Post by a layer of chips » Sun Mar 22, 2009 21:34

You obviously have more skills and more patience than me. It nearly killed me. Then again, I never was any good at jigsaws.

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Re: DIY adventures, advice and so forth

Post by mimpkin » Sun Mar 22, 2009 21:40

I was very well trained by my brother. It's his job and he got fed-up doing my decorating for nothing as I couldn't afford to pay him, so he taught me and told me to do it myself!
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Re: DIY adventures, advice and so forth

Post by Sootyzilla » Sun Mar 22, 2009 22:04

jayen_aitch wrote:Why do you want a hole in it?
So I can mount a kettle element on one side and a tap on the other, to make vegan beer.
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Re: DIY adventures, advice and so forth

Post by caramarydaisy » Mon Mar 23, 2009 09:33

well having emptied my room and sugarsoaped walls, i have painted the walls, only then to be told by my mother that i should have painted the ceiling first cos its messier.. gah. i think tho, i can get around this by masking up plastic sheeting to protect against splattering, and then do the gloss, and then i can put my bedroom back together again.

my sisters boyf is coming up to do the rest of my flat, woop. decorating is HARD WORK
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Re: DIY adventures, advice and so forth

Post by Pablo » Mon Mar 23, 2009 14:02

Sootyzilla wrote:where do i get one of those and are they expensive? will it fit on my cheap Woolworths electric drill or do i need a proper one?
I've only ever had them as part of a set, but I don't think they're usually anymore expensive than normal wood or masonry bits. You should get one in B&Q or even Wilko's without much bother.

They should work in any normal electric drill
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Re: DIY adventures, advice and so forth

Post by Wheatabeat » Thu Dec 22, 2011 18:48

My lack of DIY nous has proper been exposed this last few weeks.

My first major renovation has been the living room, where I've decided to destroy the small alcove we have in the chimney breast, make it much larger to house the TV. Seeing we were doing this it seemed a great idea to run cables, internet sockets, aerial sockets, speaker cables etc there and plaster over them. The net result would be to just have neat little wall plates for all our technological needs. Thing is, the bricks behind, which was the old fireplace (it's a 110 year old terraced house) were very brittle, loose and crumbly, so the back boxes which have been put on by my electrician are all higgledy piggledy.

To save costs I decided to get my mate in to plaster it all once my electrician had been. But such was the state of the back boxes, all he did was to plaster up to just above the back boxes. To compound things, my electrician ripped me off a bit I feel, (although it could be a fair price for all I know) and I've had to pay another plasterer to finish the job properly. I kinda budgeted about £150 for all of it. It's cost £360 so far and it's not finished. I felt like bursting into tears last weekend because of it all and wanting it to be finished for Xmas.

On the slightly positive side I'm learning a lot about DIY, and my mate also put our nice wooden floor down and it looks awesome (if a little dusty with the loose plaster everywhere). And I now know what 'dry wall adhesive' means.
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