Gone fishin'

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Gone fishin'

Post by TamlaTim » Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:33 pm

I'm going fishing this weekend for the first time since I was about 14, chosen the first rainy weekend in a few weeks, natch.

Off to Norfolk this afternoon. We have a boat booked for tomorrow.

We've very little idea what we're doing and I think our chances of cathcing anything are minimal, but I'm quite keen on the idea that an day on or by the water just ... waiting will be some sort of zen experience. With extra whiskey.

Apologies, byt the way, if you're of the opinion fishing is a cruel activity. In the unlikely event that we catch anything I'll be putting them back unless it's massive. One of the few things I have looked up is how to remove the hook as quickly and painlessly as possible. I even know how to give a form of fishy CPR.

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