Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

29-31 July 2016: "a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance"
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Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by knibbles » Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:40 am


It was brill. I never know what to write here. Thanks so much to everyone's hard work to organise it, please please please please can we do it all again next year. I can't really say what my best bit was because it was all my best bit, so I'll just post a video of toddlers dancing:

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by tompony » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:09 am


(more photos here)

Well, that was brilliant. So hot, so good.

My favourite performances:
Jeffrey Lewis (especially the glorious Sonic Youth cover)
Suburban Kids, absolute shambolic magic, every song was brilliant
Victoria and Jacob
Frankie Machine
Haiku Salut + orchestral help

I recorded the last two on my phone, listening back to the Frankie Machine set now and it is a GREAT recording! Hopefully he'll let me share it...

Other highs were mostly food-related, if Indietracks was just a food festival I would probably still go. The Undergrowth café does the best potato wedges EVER and I still sort of crave another hot dog (after eating two yesterday either side of a curry... hmmm)

Only lows would be the £4 beer and the standard "sound in the big shed" grumbles, but nothing that will stop me looking forward to Indietracks 2012 for the entire next year. Hooray for Team Indietracks, excellent work once again!

a layer of chips
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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by a layer of chips » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:20 am

The bit where the hot air balloon flew over HSOL, then that monoplane (or whatever you call them) did was both beautiful and hilarious. It was like waiting for something more extravagant to swoop over the stage next. A hundred swans? A pterodactyl? The Red Arrows? Elvis?

Highlights for me were seeing everyone again; HSOL: Pocketbooks (who I got emotional during, or maybe it was something to do with the dust); Math and Physics Club (I only saw four songs, but the huge crowd made up for that); Next Time Passions; watching The Wendy Darlings from afar and realising they're actually quite good after all; and the band of the weekend Milky Wimpshake, who are just relentlessly ace.

Was it hotter than 2008? Perhaps.

A huge thanks to Emma, Ian, Dan, Andy, Nat, Alice, and Marianthi. Please, please, please make it happen next year. And a massive well done for not having a huge, collective breakdown when the generator on the main stage packed in. I'd have run off into the fields screaming.

There were no downsides. Even camping was okay, despite the braying wankers camped next to us who stayed up all Friday night shouting at each other about "life issues". They were old enough to know better. Still, you can run into these kind of people anywhere, and - oddly - they were all very tired on Saturday night and in bed very early.

I feel as miserable as ever that it's all over, anyway. The whole weekend was just perfect.

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by tompony » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:39 am

a layer of chips wrote:The bit where the hot air balloon flew over HSOL, then that monoplane (or whatever you call them) did was both beautiful and hilarious.
I don't know what you call them either! Here it is though:


Look at that sky!

It was NOT hotter than 2008 though, I'm pretty sure. Although I didn't have to play a gig in the church this year which may have coloured my memories somewhat. Coloured them with SWEAT.

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by Silver Girl » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:21 am

Hurrah for it all and thanks to everyone who made it happen.
It is 9.20am and I am already at my desk. Bah.
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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by georgethe23rd » Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:38 am

In the following order-ish I really really really liked:

Edwyn Collins
Jeffrey Lewis, including his Mosquito rap
Withered Hand
Northern Portrait, MJ Hibbett and White Town in the merchandise tent
History of Apple Pie
Ace Bushy Striptease
Peru on the train
Papa Topo
Frankie Machine
Sloppy Joe

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by skywriting » Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:55 am

It was wonderful, the weather glorious and so, so many wonderful highlights.

The Proctors - Just incredible - what a collection of songs (they deserved a bigger stage so there could be much dancing - although I shuffled in my pew vigorously on occasion)
The Garlands - all kinds of Swedish aceness
Help Stamp Out Loneliness - with added air display, generator malfunctions et al
Next Time Passions - great song after great song which I don't own and are impossible to track down (someone put out a compilation!)
Suburban Kids - I grinned from ear to ear and danced like a loon during Loop Duplicate My Heart and Funeral Face - two of the songs of the entire weekend
Sloppy Joe - from a distance sadly but awesome nonetheless
Zipper - who were, well, Zipper. Perfect three minute, fuzzy pop songs

But my two favourite bands of the weekend:

The Wendy Darlings - full of energy, attitude and fun. Enormous Pop was awesome, but the whole set was just brilliant.


Tiny Fireflies/Very Truly Yours - charming, beautiful Sarah-esque pop music with such wonderful song writing - Heirlooms and Pop Song '91 just sounded so dreamy and lush and Kristine's semi-shy, sugar-sweet delivery was effortlessly engaging. And every song on the new Tiny Fireflies EP is solid pop gold.

All in all, a wonderful weekend and I feel sorry for those who haven't booked today off work.

(Oh and if anyone has MP3s of The Next Time Passions and Wendy Darlings 7"s I bought... *cough cough*)

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by skywriting » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:02 am

Oh and how could I forget The Understudies playing 'Signal Passed at Danger' in the merch tent - what a simply beautiful, beautiful song!

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by ian » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:45 pm

We were just there for Friday and Saturday, but had a fantastic time. Dancing with my boys to Suburban Kids is probably my happiest all-time Indietracks memory.

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by linus » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:50 pm

I think my absolute highlight was being present for the dancing youths at the top of this page (indiepop is in safehands for future generations)

my lowpoint was nobody reacting at my terribly witty and thoughtful 'they're probably talking about the drainage in the lower field' comment when ted and ralph met in the children's play area

small folk (by which I mean children) at pop festivals seems a particularly sensible thing to me (perhaps I'm just broody), I believe there was a little wimpshake crawling round on his hands and knees through the crowd during the milky's (as nobody calls them) magnificent saturday night set and it just made perfect sense, a few more blue drinks and I've have been doing much the same, a few more blue drinks and I was

another vintage year at indietracks... I need to sit and cogitate before really expressing myself- I'm still rather in awe at everything and even the prospect of being back at work tomorrow won't dull the golden glow that I'm currently having a deep metaphorical bath in (complete with ducks and battleships)

I had a smashing time!

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by Kate » Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:11 pm

I think my favourite bit was meeting so many lovely people on the Friday, seems like I couldn't walk anywhere without bumping into someone I knew! Then drinking too much blue cider & dancing to ScaredtoDance in the shed.

Favourite bands were The Understudies in the merch tent, Pocketbooks & Very Truly Yours.

Least favourite bits- only my one crazy sunburnt shoulder, and of course being back home now it is all over:(

Dan Pop-o-matic
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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by Dan Pop-o-matic » Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:47 pm

How does this festival keep getting better every year?

My highlights were Sock Puppets, Heroes of the Mexican Indpendance Movement, Withered Hand, Wendy Darlings, Garlands, Pocketbooks (they nearly made me cry), dancing to Big Pink Cake, Plouf! for Kids (not recommended when you have a hangover) and Oxo Foxo on the train. I also enjoyed our set yesterday, that was fun. As was getting a conga line going/seeing people going mental generally to Pop-o-matic at the campsite.

Weirdest moment was when a lady told me we were her favourite band and asked me to autograph her copy of the single.

The real highlight was seeing old friends again and making new ones.

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by Trev » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:28 pm

That was top fun!

Musically I really enjoyed Pocketbooks on Friday - the added strings made things seem even more sparkly!

Saturday was great too, especially The Fireworks, Sock Puppets, The Wendy Darlings and Dignan Porch. Missed loads of bands I wanted to see, too, but that's always the way. Thanks to Brian from The Understudies for organising a fab (signed by many) birthday card for me. And the Sock Puppets for doing the Danish Birthday song where my three chosen instruments were electric guitar, distorted guitar and feedback guitar! And Satori (from The Bracelettes) made me an ACE Odd Box broach too. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my birthday!

Big thanks to Jerv on the merch stand, too. And Lisa Fika for always being there!

Sunday was blighted by the insect bite from hell. A little. Still found time to enjoy The Proctors from outside the church. Ace Bushy Striptease were magnificent and it was the 1st time I'd seen them as a five piece, woah, they were so so so good. Then to the church for a beautiful ear shredding courtesy of Horowitz. At some point I got to grin along to The Understudies acoustic in the tent and the same goes for Mat Pat (again in the tent). Again I missed so much, but my indietracks came to it's end lying sprawled out on the hill as Withered Hand soothed my weary head - perfect! so by half nine I had to retire injured to our hotel room with a wide grin on my face.

So many wonderful people. Good times.
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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by sweepingthenation » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:45 pm


That was fun, and warm. I'm not sure I've got all my thoughts together yet, but some standouts: Edwyn Collins, Pocketbooks, Ace Bushy Striptease, Help Stamp Out Loneliness when everything worked (also: being hugged by D Lucille), Tiny Fireflies, The Sweet Nothings, Next Time Passions, SKWBN, acoustic Hidden Cameras, Frankie Machine, Withered Hand, Sloppy Joe, MJ Hibbett winning Indietracks despite not even being on the bill (never been in his presence when he's done Boom Shake The Room before), the Lewis/Dune covers, Oxo Foxo in the merch tent, what frequencies of A Little Orchestra made it through the church wall, the meet-up, everything.

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by tekno_alice » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:52 pm

Awesome weekend!
Highlights in no particular order

Hidden Cameras acoustic, definitely one of those special Indietracks moments!
Mini Plouf!
Doing Yoga Frances McKee (and being slightly relieved that so many people turned up to do it too! I was worried by the 11am start time)
Moustache of Insanity
Red Shoe Diaries and Moustache at the Fika Tea Party
Crystal Stilts
singing along to Suburban Kids guitar solos
Crazy! Orange! Cider!
Tiny Fireflies
Math and Physics Club
Cupcake Decorating (and eating...)
Dancing dancing!
And some more probably...

I'm sure the rest of the team will send out there thanks too, but thanks to everyone for coming out and making the weekend so awesome. I'd personally like to say a mega thanks to the workshop organisers who again did an awesome job and made my job very easy, and the railway staff for all their help too.

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by Rocker » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:53 pm

As usual easily the best fest of the year - thanks to all the organisers, hope you made lots of money - I even didn't mind paying the four quid for real ale, as I knew all profits went to feeding the trains.

Highlights for me were The Fireworks (hear their debut recordings in my August radio show!); Sock Puppets; Horowitz; Crystal Stilts; Edwyn Collins; Milky Wimpshake; The Sweet Nothings; The Pocketbooks; and Zipper. Also Big Pink Cake in a little tent was ace! Oh and The Wendy Darlings too!

As usual there were clashes - sorry I missed both Peru and Remi twice (although I'm told Remi missed himself once), and most of Zipper - and what should have been the major disaster when the outdoor stage generator packed up actually turned out to be not a great problem, both rescheduled bands were ace in the shed, just sorry for Little League, who lost their DJ set.

As usual the New Bengal in Alfreton did us proud at midnight each night, and the Olympic Breakfast at the Travelodge is even better now I know you can swap the Tomatoes for an extra rasher of bacon!

Anyone know what the 2012 dates are yet? :-)


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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by Carys » Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:09 pm

Wow, that was utterly wonderful, as always.

My band highlights were:

- Sock Puppets
- The Wendy Darlings
- Horowitz (the new stuff sounds great!)
- Ace Bushy Striptease
- Zipper
- Mat Patalano

My 'everything else' highlights were:
- The halloumi wraps
- Hanging out with my friends, especially the ones I don't get to see so often
- The weather, particularly the gloriously mild last evening
- Getting to see all the bands I wanted to in the church
- My folks turning up unexpectedly to check I hadn't joined a cult
- All the nice things people had to say about the Fireworks.
- Meeting new people, particularly tweetotal and graysonscolumn

Thank you so much to Team Indietracks for making it happen, for inviting us to play, and being so gosh darned brilliant. It's been the highlight of my year, just as I've come to expect it to be.

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by oldgreentieon » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:09 pm

That was ace. Well done organisers, especially for handling the generator nightmare so well.

I am the third person on this thread to mention that Pocketbooks made me cry/almost cry. It was fucking beautiful. The "just don't leave me behind / in this seasonal decline" and the strings in Sparklers set me off.

Other brilliance: Victoria and Jacob, Dignan Porch, The Proctors, Moustache of Insanity, Hidden Cameras, Milky Wimpshake, Anguish Sandwich, Zipper and Very Truly. Not many clashes for me, this year, but sadly had to miss The Sweet Nothings and Chris T-T.

St Etienne next year, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!

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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by nik » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:20 pm

That was soooooooooooo much fun! Big mega-thanks to the organizers and to all of you who came and watched and said nice things about our gig in the hot hot hot church!

My favorite bits apart from playing...

Suburban Kids
Hidden Cameras unplugged on the main stage
Jeffrey Lewis
Withered Hand
Anguish Sandwich

oh and Herman Dune covering Dirty Boots was pretty effing incredible!
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Re: Indietracks 2011 Memories and Photos

Post by carney » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:26 pm

My highlights were Withered Hand, Math & Physics Club, Milky Wimpshake, The History of Apple Pie and Dignan Porch. Withered Hand probably edged it, all felt dead personal. MJ Hibbert in the tent was the perfect setting, he should probably do all his gigs like that. Wish I had been early enough to get into the church for Moustache of Insanity, but watching thorough the window was still pretty ace. I was very pleased to see Herman Dune making a bit of a return to form, as I wasn't into some of their more recent stuff. Would've liked to catch some more of Very Truly Yours as I dug the 2 tunes I heard, same goes for World of Fox. Wendy Darlings went between brilliant and dull from song to song. Sloppy Joe were kind-of enjoyable, but there was something a bit grating about their facsimile sound. The Fireworks and Crystal Stilts didn't do it for me at all, though. Main gripe - didn't get to see anyone on the trains. That was my fault though.

I also enjoyed playing, though I was bricking it throughout.

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