"I'm in a dilemma"

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"I'm in a dilemma"

Post by cashcityrocker » Sat May 05, 2012 23:38

I'm off to Indietracks this year for the first time. While there are some bands I really want to see, there are loads that I don't know about. What's the best approach: do some serious homework between now and then and pick some kind of preferred schedule or just leave it to chance when we get there and see where we end up. I favour the homework method; the friend I'm going with favours the leave-it-to-fate approach.

Any advice, please?

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Re: "I'm in a dilemma"

Post by colinsmitten » Sun May 06, 2012 00:40

the first couple times I went, I listened to indietracks tag radio on last.fm and made note of what sounded fun.

another good method is to just wing it - sometimes there are awesome surprises. bother methods worked great for me - even just wandering around from stage to stage works well.
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Re: "I'm in a dilemma"

Post by otterpond » Sun May 06, 2012 11:01

I would suggest you do some research, but don't bust a gut. If you do too much research you'll only find that half the bands you want to see are clashing with each other anyway. Another great thing to do is to just talk to as many people as you can when you get there, and find out who people are looking forward to catching. take a punt on a couple of recommendations and you'll not regret it! Plus you'll also meet some lovely folks :)

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Re: "I'm in a dilemma"

Post by everard » Sun May 06, 2012 21:00

where's the dilemma? do all the rearch you want/enjoy, make a secret list, then don't mention it to your friend & have them be amazed that all the bands you 'spontaneously' see are ones you enjoy. really easy to pull variations on "oh, someone in the bar queue said to check out x". put them off the scent by checking out a couple of bands they like but you don't. when they get suspicious & ask if you researched it all, just lie.

personally i like to do a little pre-listening in order to identify must-sees & good times to charge my phone or walk into ripley to get away from it all, then wing it from there. thirty seconds between stages means research is only important if your must-sees are popular & in the church or on the train.

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