Anyone with car space driving back to London on the Sunday?

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Anyone with car space driving back to London on the Sunday?

Post by deerful » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:28 am


A last-minute change of plans means I will not be at Indietracks this year helping out with the cardboard vinyl record players workshop, and I'm heartbroken. :( BUT. My partner/bandmate/nice person Dan (who is not an Indietracks regular but who you might have seen at some point playing violin with Darren Hayman and/or the Wave Pictures) and his brother (Jacob of Victoria and Jacob! See, minor indiepop celebrities!) are holding the fort and running the workshop in my absence, and are looking for a lift back to London on the Sunday evening. Is anyone driving back to London on the Sunday who might be able to help them out?

They will pay you in money and probably also cardboard vinyl record players.

Sorry for the non-band-non-weather-non-excitement-related post and I hope you all have an awesome weekend (without me D: ).
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