Athens PopFest 2010

and one pop mayhem!
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Re: Athens PopFest 2010

Post by imaginarystates » Mon Jan 24, 2011 17:27

Awesome awesome awesome!

So exciting about October! No more sweatfest.
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Re: Athens PopFest 2010

Post by sideponytail » Wed Jan 26, 2011 15:50

So excited to hear this! I haven't been able to go in the past (I work for a college & there's a strict "no time off in August" policy as students are returning at that time), so an October Pop Fest works out perfectly in my favor!

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Re: Athens PopFest 2010

Post by tekno_alice » Mon Mar 07, 2011 18:59

Am already looking at flights as I think popfest will be my 2011 trip to USA, yey! I'm hoping they go down in price though, I think Air Canada haven't announced their offers yet for autumn.

Mike, this year The Awesomelies have to play as I missed them last year, and I vote for Red Pony Clock and Masters of The Hemisphere too.

EDIT: Air Canada flights to Atlanta are now cheapy cheaps, yey!

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Re: Athens PopFest 2010

Post by Rich_Rulez » Tue Mar 08, 2011 17:23

my wishlist (aka mike will hate me list)

some of these are un attainable, but still! make it happen mike please and thanks.

-Lois Maffeo
-The Pines
-The Breeders
-Evan Dando
-Cat VET (philly)
-Julie Doiron
-Dear Nora
-Bad Banana (NY)
-Aye Nako (NY)
-Teenage Fanclub
-Brave Irene
-Aislers Set
-Big Soda (NY)
-Butterglory or just Matt Suggs
-The Crabs
-Standard Fare
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Re: Athens PopFest 2010

Post by alongwalkhome » Mon Apr 11, 2011 19:04

imaginarystates wrote:... October! No more sweatfest.
A-to-the-men! I may actually make down it this year. Bring on the band list!
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