Fika USA/Can tour: Tigercats + Making Marks + The Smittens

and one pop mayhem!
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Fika USA/Can tour: Tigercats + Making Marks + The Smittens

Post by fika_recordings » Tue May 21, 2013 7:11 pm

Yeah! This is happening! And soon! Be lovely is any of you East Coast people wanted to come along and say hello too.

Tigercats (UK), Making Marks (Norway) and The Smittens (Vermont) will be heading out for 8 days of shows of Canada and the USA east coast, kicking things off in Montreal before finishing their tour at NYC Popfest.
To celebrate, Fika have released a free 3 track download single, available here: ... a-usa-tour
1) Tigercats - Full Moon Reggae Party
2) Making Marks - Hard To Be Good
3) The Smittens - Burning Streets Of Rome

Tour Dates:
May 25: Taverne L’inspecteur Épingle, Montreal QC
May 26: The Monkey House, Winooski VT
May 27: Radio, Somerville MA
May 28: Charm City Artspace, Baltimore MD
May 29: Clown Can Country Club, Philadelphia PA
May 30: Church Of Abraham, Richmond VA
May 31: The Velvet Lounge, Washington DC
June 1: Spike Hill, Brooklyn NY (The Smittens and Making Marks – afternoon show)
June 1: The Bell House, Brooklyn NY (Tigercats – evening show)

Tigercats are a band from East London who make pop music with guitars, keyboards and drums. Tigercats’ singer Duncan played in Esiotrot until suddenly he didn't, and after a respectful interval of ambling around for 18 months he asked his brother Giles to join on bass in a new band. The name Tigercats appeared out of the air and was soon followed by Jonny on drums, Stefan on guitar and Laura on keyboard.
The video for their single, Full Moon Reggae Party, is two and a half minutes of sublime animation from lead singer and songwriter Duncan Barrett. Watch it here:


"Tigercats are a very, very good band. The kind of band that make you want to be a teenager again, so they can be your band." The Sunday Times
"Tigercats are that rarest of bands, an indie-pop act you can actually dance to..." Neon Filler
"this superbly crafted debut album… [features] bouncy Orange Juice-style dance-pop, with boy-girl vocals, bustling percussion and an endearing sense of wonder." eMusic

Making Marks
In 2012, Making Marks arose from the ashes of Norwegian indie pop band mylittlepony/My Little Pony, like that mythical bird, you know. As mylittlepony, they released two full length albums (Think Too Much (2008) and Making Marks (2011), won awards in Spain toured several times all over Europe, and also visited the US and Canada, including an official showcase at SXSW 2011.
Since April 2012, they have been Making Marks and toured in Italy, the UK, Germany, Austra, Czech Republic and Scandinavia, supporting Allo Darlin’ in Germany and France. Their debut album as Making Marks will be out in the summer.

You can watch the video for their debut 7" single Ticket Machine here: [youtube][/youtube]

” Making Marks provide shelter in a dizzying storm of changing trends and emerging sounds by remaining true to themselves and what they like…” All Around Sound
“Here to stay are the band’s sweet male/female vocal harmonies; folk pop orchestration, and sly worldview where one’s greatest dream is to become “Andrew Bird … but younger.” Maybe growing up isn’t so hard after all.”  MTV Iggy
"[Like Spinning] features some seriously stunning male/female harmonies.”  Under The Radar Magazine (US)

The Smittens
The Smittens are a hard-working, globe-trotting independent American twee pop band from Burlington, Vermont. The band is friends first and open-hearted indiepop revolutionaries after that. Max Andrucki, Colin Clary, Dana Kaplan, Holly Chagnon, and David Zacharis switch up instruments, song-writing, and singing to create catchy, harmonydriven twee ballads, pop anthems, and queer love songs—always brilliantly lyrical, and often brazenly political. Preferring to do it themselves, the Smittens handle every step of the process, from recording their own music to creating the distinctive artwork that graces the bands fliers and album covers, and booking tours at home and abroad.
Formed on a whim at a party in 2002 the Smittens have emerged as one of America’s bestloved underground indiepop quintets, releasing 3 full-length albums, a remix ep, and a handful of singles and compilation appearances. Recently joined in live performances by star singer/soapmaker Missy Bly, the band’s fourth studio album, Believe Me, was released on London’s Fika Recordings in summer, 2012. 

Watch their video for First Bus at Finland’s Island In The Sun festival:

"If the Disney Channel were run by K Records, the Smittens would be the hugest! Their multi-tracked harmonies, sugar-rush guitar melodies, and DIY synth burbles and cute outfits are relentlessly, huggably adorable."  Boston Phoenix
"“another indiepop jewel” The Athens Exchange
"The closest America has yet come to the transcendent pop/squall mix of Scotland’s terrific twee bands like The Pastels." New Haven Advocate
fika recordings // a diy indiepop cassette label //

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