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Split 88

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 14:41
by bowliekid94
Hi people,

A long time ago two friends of mine set up a band with a pair of their schoolmates. They named it 'Split 88'.
Unfortunately, they disbanded in 2014 and they have not played together anymore. One of them, the singer, is still doing some music but it's a far cry from what they used to do.
During their activity they recorded three songs. As I found out yesterday night, one of them is still available on soundcloud at this link: ... shin-waves

Now, to be sure, I don't know how to define this song. I guess it could be deemed as Indie, but I avoid to label it further (Rock? Pop?).
Be it as it may, I reckon that it's a great track, especially when one considers the fact it was written and played by 16 years old nippers. The mastermind behind all this was the guitar player (Brown), who is also the one who was the more talented imo.
My goal is as plain as a pikestaff: I've tried many times to make him coming around about his decision to stop playing with a band in order to concentrate with his university's studies. Even though my efforts were pointless, I'm gonna try this as extrema ratio: would you please write down your comments here about this track? What do you really think about it? Have I a sort of blindfold over my eyes because of my strict friedship with him or is this song bloody lush?
If the song gets a good feedback, I'll make Brown reading every comment, and maybe he will eventually decide himself to gift us other stunning tracks :)
Thanks y'all for helping out!

Re: Split 88

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 16:59
by noLooking
Well, I liked it. Nice sort of garage pop sort of thing.