NEW 7" - Soda Fountain Rag - Keep My Headphones On

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NEW 7" - Soda Fountain Rag - Keep My Headphones On

Post by whenalexisindowntown » Sat Dec 16, 2017 16:20

We are very happy to bring you Soda Fountain Rag‘s latest EP – Keep My Headphones On.

Rag said: "Four of the songs from this EP are from 2016; they were written after I got back from the London Popfest show. Turn Left and You and I are very colored specifically because they were written at that particular time, and they show a positivity that might have been missing from my song-writing for a while. The Words Disappear dates back to 2010 – one of those that I thought would benefit from a proper recording".

Rag chat a bit about the new EP here: ... phones-on/

Keep My Headphones On is now available on a limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital:
US: https://wewereneverbeingboring.bandcamp ... dphones-on
EU: ... ones-on-ep

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