T in the Park Virgin Help

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T in the Park Virgin Help

Post by Sound2k9 » Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:44 pm

Hey, I know it's a bit early but I'm looking for some questions to be answered about T in the Park and was wondering who could take the time to answer some questions:

1. What's the security like in terms of getting alchohol in. I'll be 16 so legally be allowed to go without an adult although I hear they don't really ID anyone under the age of 12 basically. But if I'm 16 and just put alchohol in my bag will they check that sort of stuff and if they do catch and ask for ID if I/we are underage what do they do?

2. What is the boombus and is it any good lol?

3. Do you recommend going on Thursday? What is there to do on the Thursday? I hear there's a movie night? How long does it last?

4. Worth bringing an iPod? I wanted to take mine for pictures and video but wondering if it will survive the trip?

5. Should I padlock the tent? Will my stuff get stolen either way?

6. Any general tips?

7. What to bring?

8. Where to keep Ticket and wristband? How easy is it to keep your ticket and wristband safe and if you lose it is tehre anything you can do?

9. What different camping areas and which ones are better and what are they like? Any good ones for good time goers? Any good spots to camp?

10. I notice every year the line up likes like this: Each stage is caterogized by the three days and then the headliner of that stage on the day will be at the top. For example Friday this year were the night slot and they were at the top.

Does this show the order of how long they will come on stage? IT starts at the bottom then works it's way up?

2010 Line Up

So for example this year on Sunday: The first band on was The Stranglers, then Skunk Anasie etc.?

How long is each band on for?

11. How long prior to a band starting will you usually need to get there for to be near the front? For the Main Stage, NME and Kings Tent?

12. Is there somewhere you can get a schedule of when every band starts?

13. I know there's a lot of crime at festivals. Obviously Phones, Money, Wallets etc. are going to be high on the list of things to steal but will they steal less lucrative items like obviously you can't look after everything in your tent will they steal Alchohol, Clothes, Torches shit like that?
14. Obviousy wellies are essential but will you always have to wear them. The idea of moshing to bands while in wellie sounds a bit uncomfortable and not ideal.
15. Is it easy for a 16 year old to get alchohol in and if you get caught will they do anything other than confiscate it. Obviously security is differetn at different festivals and TitP for example has security guards that are more stoned than anyone in the festival

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Re: T in the Park Virgin Help

Post by Wheatabeat » Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:13 pm

Sound2k9 wrote: 5. Should I padlock the tent? Will my stuff get stolen either way?
I know you're 16 and all that, but are you serious with that one? It's a tent. Other than cladding it in reinforced steel you ain't going to stop anyone with a knife from getting inside. The post doesn't half sound like a wind-up of Finchley Ted proportions. Where to keep wristbands? (On your wrist I'd expect). Are wellies optional?

Anyway, if you are the real deal and they are genuine albeit completely naive questions then fairy nuff. I don't expect many Anorakers bother with T In The Park to be truthful.
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Re: T in the Park Virgin Help

Post by linus » Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:57 pm

on the basis that this is a genuine enquiry and that we were all 16 once and also bearing in mind that the poster has taken time and effort to post here and assumed we might be helpful... I'd give the following tips (without wanting to sound like a dad):

1. don't take anything you wouldn't be prepared to lose (i-pod, smuggled in alcohol, torch, friends, etc)
2. keep any essentials on you (what an essential might be depends on your outlook, having a spare pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a jumper, whatever might be preferable to having an i-pod or 24 cans of cider you managed to smuggle past security- but equally essential might be your train ticket home, etc) perhaps in a shoulder bag or similar
3. festivals can and will overrun, so you'll have a timetable by then- possibly as you arrive, if not before- but be prepared to nip around the site sharpish if you're keen to catch particular bands or wait out (often during a band that's shite) to see a band you really want to see (skunk anansie, perhaps?)- you may miss a band you really want to see, be prepared for that... it may happen... be aware that you can overplan these things...
4. it's probably best to go with the view that you will have a good time and you will do your level best to avoid trouble and things going badly wrong, perhaps form a pact with your friends that you will all, individually, return home after the weekend in one piece and look out for one another while you're there
5. if your tent gets nicked, it gets nicked... you can't really prevent it... therefore don't leave anything in it that you'd want to lose (as in point 1)
6. see if there's a facebook page (if you're a member of facebook)- or somewhere similar- for this and perhaps ask some of your questions there... so people don't take the piss ask a couple of questions at a time, perhaps?
7. as for crime at festivals I reckon that goes back to point 4 of my patronising list of festival tips and that's to look out for yourself and your mates and don't leave yourself open to being robbed or ripped off or having a shit time

there's a lot more, I'm sure, I hope you have a good time, best of luck

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