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Calling all bands and Promotors - u

Post by FallingDown » Wed Mar 09, 2011 19:41


I am here to tell you about Bandwagon, a one stop shop for promoting and booking gigs website.

I have run small nights for years and know the pitfalls of runnings nights, from finding the right bands, to organising equipment and actually getting the night advertised so we have thought about this site very carefully and hope that it will be an extremely useful tool.

Bandwagon aims to combat all these issues, you will be able to find bands, see what following they have and where, see immediately when bands have gigs, where they have played before, what equipment they are able to bring and you will be able to contact the band through the site. This works the other way round for bands as well, they will be able to view gigs that promoters have slots for and apply.

Once the gig is booked through bandwagon an e mail will be sent out to over 40 publications - online and paper - as well as to people who have requested to hear news about specific promoters and bands.

There is a small monthly fee which will be less than £4 - a complete bargain considering the time saved on sending out e mails and trying to source information on bands and promoters!

The site will be up and ready to run in less than 2 months - to preregister to find out more when the site is ready please just log into and we will be delighted to let you know when the site is going to be ready!

Any questions please feel free to pop onto the forum and ask anything you like or indeed 'like' our facebook page - - we hope to see you soon! xx

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