The Mind - Edge Of The Planet LP, OUT NOW

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The Mind - Edge Of The Planet LP, OUT NOW

Post by DrunkenSailorRecords » Wed Sep 25, 2019 18:51

The Mind - Edge Of The Planet LP

It's the year 2019. The future has arrived. And so have THE MIND. A cross-country collaboration made possible by modern technologies but driven by that ancient spirit of creative cooperation between like-minded musical peers. Who are these people you ask? Would calling them two guys from HOMOSTUPIDS and DRYROT summon thoughts of screaming loud guitar rock and aggressive tempos? Perhaps I should refer to them as being members of URANIUM ORCHARD and PLEASURE LEFTISTS. That will get your head somewhere in the area code necessary to digest what has been laid down for us here. To add that they've also played in FACTORYMEN and COSMIC SAND DOLLARS should then make you raise an eyebrow just enough to realize that this LP goes out THERE to the perimeter. It's hard to pin down. Sci-fi post-punk new-wave punk-rock. It's beautiful and rhythmic and weird. Robotic and organic. Future primitive. And I haven't even mentioned the vocals yet - radiant sonic transmissions tuned in straight out of the ether. A girl's voice to tie it all together with an elegant Gordian knot, giving warm life to the cold musical machinery. The cryptic lyrics she's singing so beautifully should not alarm you at all. The record is called 'Edge of the Planet'. The trip to get there starts now..

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