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Antony (and the Johnsons)

Post by Woodbine » Sat Sep 06, 2008 01:06

I heard Antony and his Johnsons around the time they won the Mercury, and was stupidly judgemental enough to decide that his voice irritated me on the strength of one song, and consequently ignored them. I'm having terrible insomnia at the moment and happened to catch a late live concert with him on BBC4 last night and was totally transfixed from start to finish. I can only hope that their recorded ouvre lives up to that recorded performance, because it was fucking brilliant. Just wanted to say that really, and start a thread rolling.
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Enid Coleslaw
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Re: Antony (and the Johnsons)

Post by Enid Coleslaw » Sat Sep 06, 2008 20:19

'I Am A Bird Now' is a stunning album -I'll lend you it sometime. I'm not quite sure how he/they will follow it to be honest though.
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