Snow What "So Far So Good" LP (FFO: Guided By Voices)

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Snow What "So Far So Good" LP (FFO: Guided By Voices)

Post by soniklife » Sat Jul 19, 2014 02:10



It has been a couple of years since Snow What released their fantastic demo cassette on Rok Lok and in the time that has passed they have played a few shows and heck, even recorded two (yes TWO) albums. And we are delighted to team up with our friends at Party NOgg! to release this full length 12 inch "So Far So Good Snow What". If you dig melodic indie rock that is reminiscent of Guided By Voices, Sebadoh and Chisel then you will absolutely LOVE Snow What! Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl pressed at Archer in Detroit with art by Jeff & Justin from Merry Christmas and jackets screened at VG Kids. Recorded by Eric Truchan of Brick Mower. $10 ppd in the USA


Hailing from the land that brought us hefeweizen and Krautrock, Little Whirls shows the world that Germany can produce incredible indie rock as well! Reveling in a treble happy, lo fi aesthetic Little Whirls puts forth simplistic songs that are rich in melody-simply put lo fi pop music perfected! "Sedateness At the Movies" is a collection of seven tunes that the show influences of Guided By Voices, The Clean and Teenage Fanclub on their sleeves but don't come across as simply a lo fi karaoke without any nuances of their own as in a time of impersonal, slick sounding music Little Whirls are response to make pop music personal again. This isn't just nostalgia-this is making music that is worth caring about again. It is separating music lovers from lame record collectors and hipsters alike as this is the sound of people who are creating something they are passionate about and sharing it with individuals who are passionate about the act of being passionate engaged and investing in listening to music. "Sedateness At the Movies" is done all for the love of pop. It is limited to an edition of 50 home dubbed yellow tint clamshell cassettes with full color, numbered j-cards created by the band themselves with hand stamped labels. $5 ppd in the USA ... the-movies


The second release from Love Letter from Rok Lok this year is a testament to just how much the sounds that this project creates resonates in me that I feel the urge to document as much of it as I can. "Gentle Memories" offers two lengthy tracks that ebb and flow in a dense mix of monolithic waves of reverberated guitar driven crescendos, the juxtaposition of howling guitar echos and lush, ambient drones, distinct introspective guitar line melodies and found sound natural ambiance of field recordings. With over thirty minutes of pure aural bliss, Love Letter continues in the patterns found on the prior cassette release of "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" but takes the listener to new places. I encourage you as a listener and lover of music to clear your mind of all the noise that our daily lives bring, imagine a place or a feeling you want to explore and let Love Letter's "Gentle Memories" be your guide. "Gentle Memories" serves as a "love letter" of sorts to the core of one's self and the journey that we all embark on from birth to death. Love Letter plays a form ambient, droning shoegaze/post rock that is a mix between Paper Armies, Mono and Godspeed! You Black Emperor. "Gentle Memories' is limited to an edition of 50 home dubbed (in real time) cassettes packaged in full color, numbered j-cards with hand painted/stamped labels. $5 ppd in the USA. Copies of "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" cassette are still available.


Rounding out the batch of new releases this time are two reissues/reformats from STARS ARE INSANE. The first being a cassette version of the STARS ARE INSANE/MORGUE TOAD "split" which was previously released as a limited edition lathe cut 7 inch. This limited cassette version includes a bonus STARS ARE INSANE track that was previously only available digitally with the lathe and black cassettes with painted labels and full color numbered j-cards. The second STARS ARE INSANE release available this month is a limited reissue of the second STARS ARE INSANE cassette "Anonymously Yours" which was originally released in 2000. This edition is limited to 20 copies with new labels and j-cards. Each are $5 PPD in the USA ... usly-yours


Little Whirls "Sedateness at the Movies" cassette
Love Letter "Gentle Memories" cassette
Hiders "Bloom" cassette
Stars Are Insane "Pop Industry" cassette
Love Letter "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" cassette
Snow What "So Far So Good" 12 inch
Orange Aurora "Dracula Coil" cassette
The National Park Service "Winter Clothes" cassette
Stars Are Insane/Monogamy "split" cassette
Stars Are Insane/Morgue Toad "split" cassette
White Blush "White Blush" cassette
Mormon Toasterhead "Summer" cassette
Abandoned Houses "Untitled Spirals" cassette
Swim Ignorant Fire "Belly of the Whale" cassette *2 copies left*
Imaginary Pants "Channels b/w Seacliff" 7 inch
v/a "I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2" cassette
Bare Pale "If It Is" cassette
Dude Japan "Simple Living" cd (reissue w/ bonus tracks)
Dude Japan "Will You Meet Me There" cassette/cd
Eureka California/Good Grief "split" 7 inch
Ron Beaudet "Awkward Age" cassette *2 copies left*
Shivering Window "Singles Club #9" cassette *4 copies left*
Katrina Stonehart "Singles Club #8" cassette *4 copies left*
Mike Naideau "Singles Club #6" cassette *5 copies left*
Hanna Elson "Singles Club #5" cassette
Kevin Greenspon "Singles Club #4" cassette *3 copies left*
Make It Plain "Somersault" 7 inch
Monogamy "Singles Club #3" cassette *3 copies left*
Outside the Museum "Singles Club #1" cassette
Giant Peach "Callous & Strange" 7 inch
Stars Are Insane "The Empty House" cd-r *1 copy left*
Brick Mower "Why Are We Doing This?" 7 inch
Dude Japan "The Things That Matter" cd *3 copies left*
Stars Are Insane "A Plan...A Perfect Disaster" cd-r *1 copy left*
Yes Sensei "In Excelsis" cd
Sandy City "Surfin' WA" 12 inch
Fellow Project "Boots" 7 inch
Yes Sensei "3 Songs" 7 inch
Yes Sensei "s/t" cd
On the Might of Princes "Where You Are & Where You Want to Be" cd
On the Might of Princes "The Making of a Conversation" cd
Empty Silos Echo War "Inner Working Mechanics of a Failed Construct With Puritan Cement" cd *3 copies left*
Yes Sensei "We Who Transplant Sustain" cd
Yes Sensei "What I Do Best is What I Do Worst" cd
Bookstore "s/t" cd
Space Robot Scientists "We've Got a Time Machine" cd
v/a "The Hope Machine" cd
Stars Are Insane "Anonymously Yours" cassette (reissue)
Explosivo! "The Uh Oh EP" cd

Distro Update:
Diners "Always Room" cassette
Imaginary Pants "Kites At Night" cassette
Lunchbox "Lunchbox Loves You" 12 inch
Order Anura "Order Anura" cassette
Your Heart Breaks "New Ocean Waves & Sailor System" cassette

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Re: Snow What "So Far So Good" LP (FFO: Guided By Voices)

Post by carney » Sun Jul 20, 2014 14:46

I've been really digging this record for a while - Metal Warrior is a tune I just can't get enough of.

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Re: Snow What "So Far So Good" LP (FFO: Guided By Voices)

Post by soniklife » Tue Jul 22, 2014 03:11

carney wrote:I've been really digging this record for a while - Metal Warrior is a tune I just can't get enough of.
Thanks for the nice words. Even though I had previously released a demo cassette for Snow What, "Metal Warrior" was the song that made me go "fuck yeah" when they asked if I wanted to put out this record. Such a great tune!

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