joining gig-dots [aug / sept]

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joining gig-dots [aug / sept]

Post by David_Leach » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:38

I hadn't intended on doing another tour this year... In fact I have been going around telling people that i was probably not going to play a gig until September.

Gigs are like busses; when you rest of your laurels, give up hope and spark a cigarette... suddenly people start sending you dates.

I have some dates in the diary and it would be nice to use that as an excuse to play songs in places both familiar and unfamiliar. Some things are TBC but I'll include them just in case.

TBC: Weekend of 15/16/17 AUG - I might have a gig in donegal this weekend... still in the process of figuring it out but if anyone has any Irish suggestions or connections i could really do with some help

Aug 21st - Stockport (well... heaton chapel)
[somewhere between manchester and london would be nice.... maybe sheffield, nottingham, Brum, leicester]
Aug 23rd - That London
Aug 28th - Banbury
[It would be nice to play a couple of gigs further north, Cumbria, Northumbria, Edinburgh, Glasgow]
30/31st Bank Holiday Weekend - Leeds (not sure which day of the weekend - or if its happening at all)
Sept 6th - Bristol
[would be nice to get another gig or two daaan saaf - Brighton, Kent... a nice market town somewhere]
Sept 11th - That London again

Let me know any thoughts or suggestions, I am trying my best not to ask people who have put me on before - mainly because it was only a few months ago that i did my last tour and it would be proper cheeky to gig pester only a few months after the last gig.

I'll see you all at Indietracks - Thinking of bringing my ukulele and doing a 'secret' gig somewhere exciting

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