So, vinyl...

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Re: So, vinyl...

Post by Jangloid Mark » Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:42

RITH wrote:When browsing the internet for second-hand vinyl, every now and then I notice something along the lines of:

"After all these years I finally decided to sell my treasured collection, because I really need the money. All of the records are in mint condition, most of them unplayed."
Firstly, what some people do (and I would I if I could afford it - sadly, I can't), is buy 2 copies of limited vinyls, or simply stuff they won't see again should an accident happen. One to play, the other to keep nice.

I will admit, I've bought CD re-issues of rare albums that I enjoy listyening to on vinyl, know, when you're mellow, or pissed, you don't always give vinyl the care and attantion it deserves. There are certain albums that are more likely to be played at these times as date, I have bought 7 copies of "VU & Nico".

The other thing is that, people either lie, or even genuinely don't realise that they're not in the condition stated. I can vouch for this from ten years experience working in a second hand record shop. I've had customers describe their records as 'mint', or 'in great condition' over the phone, but, when I actually got to see them, they were anything but.

I've seen records brought to me in binliners (always a giveaway!!!) that had damp, rotting covers, I've had records shown to me that look like someone's gone a bit mental with a stanley knife, that, frankly, I wouldn't want to put anywhere near a stylus, I've been offered warped records, collections without ANY sleeves where some were actually bronken....yet, the description was always along the same lines...'mint', 'in great condition', 'they've been played once or twice, but otherwise perfect'. etc.
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Re: So, vinyl...

Post by Sootyzilla » Sun Sep 14, 2008 12:45

I have the opposite problem. I need to get a CD player.
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Re: So, vinyl...

Post by postalblue » Sun Sep 14, 2008 14:33

will wrote:i need to get my hi-fi fixed, as it only barely lets me listen to CDs and not at all to vinyl or cassettes. that's one of the four reasons why i mostly listen to music on the computer (the others being ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS, and that i spend most of my spare time on the internets). if i had a laptop and a working hi-fi i'd sit in my room and listen to LPs a lot more.
I don't even own a cassette deck anymore.
I have my PC connected to my stereo so I can listen to mp3s through real speakers. Granted, it's about the same as trying to polish a turd, but it's still better than headphones and the tinny computer speakers.
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Re: So, vinyl...

Post by tonieee » Wed Oct 12, 2016 08:04

A new, cheap way to play (and ruin) your records: ... 1787657733


Re: So, vinyl...

Post by noLooking » Wed Oct 12, 2016 22:30

tonieee wrote:A new, cheap way to play (and ruin) your records: ... 1787657733
A fiver'll be worth fuck all soon, you might as well get something out of it.

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