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Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 23:07
by let it ride
first post in the new thread for this then!

i was THRILLED today to see that tesco's fred and florence line has now got amazing 100% cashmere basics. The most expensive item is £40.

I bought a black v-neck, a dark raspberry red v-neck and this quite long, fitted cardigan with little pockets and a belt in chocolatey brown.

Last year they launched their first cashmere collection but it was tiny, now they have cable-knits, stripey jumpers etc. etc. and the gray cardigan I bought last year has been AMAZING in quality and colour and cut.


Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 23:17
by Sylvie
They had some lovely dresses in Tesco, but I realised I have a ton of dresses already and Andrew was getting restless (and probably hungry) so I didn't buy anything.

Hmm, I think I might go to the outlet village tomorrow as all my trousers are about to fall off. Any excuse....

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 23:38
by lynsosaurus
I've probably been banging on about this before, but I've bought some amazing stuff from Tesco! I got the coolest dress (which I wore at your party, Astrid) which I wear all the time, and an awesome pair of red shoes. A while ago they had the absolute cutest green minidress with a peter pan collar, but it smooshed my boobs up too much.

I wore a new dress from Miss Selfridge, of all places, last night. It was one of those purchases where I couldn't decide whether it really suited me, but I got a couple of second (third?) opinions and decided to wear it.

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 00:00
by Sylvie
lynsosaurus wrote:A while ago they had the absolute cutest green minidress with a peter pan collar, but it smooshed my boobs up too much.
I noticed that! I didn't try it on though.
lynsosaurus wrote:I wore a new dress from Miss Selfridge, of all places
I've found Miss Selfridge to be quite good over recent years. I've almost given up on Topshop altogether though. Ebay and some online shops are probably where I've bought the most things from lately. Motel's online shop is pretty cool.

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 01:05
by let it ride
Oooh yes. Tesco is pretty ace! The new one close to us that has just opened has a separate floor for clothes and things, hurrah!

I was too blinded by my cashmere-luv to see anything else, apart from noting "Oooh, pretty things, must come back!"

SO excited about the new jumpers though.

If you like me hate wearing superbulky stuff in winter but have the need to stay warm, cashmere is ideal. Super cute and thin but warm in big cold lecture theatres.

I know it is well lame, but I am sort of wondering about what I should wear on Monday on my first day of classes again at uni. I don't want to be all "HI!!!!! I MADE TOO BIG AN EFFORT!!!!!! LOVE ME!!!! TOUCH ME!!!!!" like the vibe some people give off... while you slowly move away from them.

Matchy-matchy is so dangerous. It can make you seem like a nutcase.

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 08:02
by Miss Anna
Astrid wrote:If you like me hate wearing superbulky stuff in winter but have the need to stay warm
I'm very much part of this hate/need relationship. It's winter coat shopping time at the moment and finding something that isn't either ridiculously thin or ridiculously chubby is a joke. H&M have got a fantastic green checked duffel coat (quick! look behind you! it's a Belle and Sebastian fan!) but it makes me seem wider than I am tall. Ideally, my winter coat should be so slimming I lose weight just looking at it. In the meantime, I'm heffing alone in a disgraceful corduroy duvet that makes me look like a womble. Choices are tough.

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 23:44
by let it ride
i want more skirts. many of the ones i already have, i have realised, are a bit too tight or short, which is never flattering!

i found a perfect one at H&M, with quite a tight and high waist, but that goes in more of an a-shape, in lovely pleats. it is just so lovely, i want to always wear it! it's great, but i want more like it so i have some more variation.

i feel ok for dresses at the moment, surprisingly! it's great!

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 23:46
by squirrelboutique
I bought two more of those bubbly sort of skirts at Target. I love those bubbly skirts, and they have pockets. I love skirts with pockets for putting things in (like my hands when I'm standing in front of class trying not to look like too much of a spaz).

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 23:53
by stolenwine
i'm really loving skirts and dresses since i put on some weight and my legs are finally not as disgustingly chicken-like as they've been my entire life. for some reason though, i feel supershy wearing a skirt/dress to work. probably because i always wear really casual/notverygirl clothes to work and i'm gonna be all self conscious when i show up in a dress.

i want some autumn skirts too! cute wolly ones and some cute warm knitted dresses as well. i think h&m will be the place to look. actually, mango had some nice stuff last year too. i want a feminine, grey knitted dress. i can picture it in my mind and everything!

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 23:57
by lynsosaurus
I had a good browse around town today, and there were LOADS of grey woollen dresses. You should be able to find something lovely, I'm sure.

On an unrelated note, I noticed something worrying today. I found about a bazillion things I liked in Topshop today, but there was nothing in anything larger than a size 12! Is this a new policy of theirs? Seriously, they had sizes 6-12 in pretty much everything, but nothing larger.

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 00:10
by let it ride
in general, i find that sizes are going down lots. like they'll have a ton of 4, 6 and 8s hanging around. i'm a size 12, sometimes a size 14 if it is REALLY not made for tall people, and i have also noticed it is getting harder and harder to find.

which is really, really annoying.

i thought it might have to do with the pressure of buying a ton of fashion and the crazy pressuring to get the latest stuff is going down in ages, so younger girls who may be smaller want to buy those things.

or something.

but ya, it is annoying.

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:47
by Miss 9
I'm looking forward to buying winter clothes, it's my favourite shopping season.

I hate anoraks, though. I really do. Trenchcoats and peacoats are so much nicer in pretty much every way one can imagine.

I might buy a cape, I'm undecided.

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 11:13
by Miss Anna
Today I shall be buying shitloads of knickers. I haven't had a good knicker splurge in years and it's time to set things right with massive amounts of nice pant. Nevermore shall I think "urgh" while stood in front of my underwear drawer. Revolution!

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 14:41
by InMyPlace
I want a new dress! Ive been sort of browsing around to find the perfect one for fall!

If only H&M had a proper website


Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:57
by llamawench
Ooooh I've missed the clothing and fashion and makeup and general girlyfix since Miss Astrid took her leave. Tis just not quite the same :)

OK ladies ( & gents if lurking) its coming up for summer, since you've just finished yours, what do you recommend? I dont do shorts shorter than kneelength, I dont do 3/4 pants, though I could be persuaded and I'm not a fan of skirts. What should my summer wardrobe musthaves be?

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 16:53
by let it ride
aw, thank you!

i find a summer staple is dresses and skirts in quite heavy jersey. while allowing breeziness and non-crazy-sweaty-days, the heaviness of the material gives it a great fall and it will swish when you walk, but not blow up as soon as a little breeze comes by.

equally great i find my heavy jersey black skirt, it is kind of like a pencil skirt, but depending on where i wear it, i can have it as sort of a demure on the knees skirt, or shortshort.

so yes, heavy jersey dresses are awesome in summer, especially the empire types that kind of hang post-boobs and downwards. comfortable as hell.

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 04:23
by llamawench
Hmmm I love jersey as a material, it does fall just so. Unfortunately I'm not sure our summers allow for it really. We average 35 celsius over summer here with regular weeks of 40+. Might see what I can find in terms of skirts *shockhorror* I'm sure someone has to be doing something decent!

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 22:46
by cath
I see H&M has brought back its nice selection of girlies' stripey V neck jumpers (sweaters, if you like!) and in even more and nicer colours than last year. They're a workwear staple for me, being casual an'all, plus cute to slop around in :wink: - in the UK they're 2 for a tenner as well, ace!

Tesco's doing cashmere? Will chekiddout. Must say I've not been impressed with Florence and sodding Fred so far, tried on a few dresses that have been very poor so no sale, and the PJs I bought were shite (though they were a fiver, meh).

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 23:05
by let it ride
yes, do go and check the cashmere! they have argyle, stripey and normal jumpers and cardigans.

i am soooo happy with my two v-necks and long cardigan from there so far. they are SO soft and warm... ooh i can tell they will be a favourite this winter!

i may have to acquire some more, one every month or so, so i can build up a good basic jumper and cardigan part in cashmere.

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 23:27
by mutantchoux
Men have clothes too, you know. We don't parade around naked al...oh sod it, just read the shoes one.

I'm wearing clothes, they're nice. I want a nice new shirt, sort of like a bowling shirt, only not a bowling shirt. I'm sure you know what I mean. Like that one I used to have, that I really liked and was really nice but then got worn out. Sort of the 50s open necked style. Black for preference, but excluding red. And yellow. Red and yellow make me look slightly poorly and a bit leprous.

Sorry, I seem to have got anorak confused with Jim'll Fix It. Still, it feels darn good to get it off my chest (the waffle, not the shirt. I'm not stripping off or anything. Not yet).