"My other favourite band is the Long Blondes"

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Re: "My other favourite band is the Long Blondes"

Post by Fogel » Tue Jun 29, 2010 19:01

Dear Sir wrote:Dusting off my Long Blondes records, and feeling particularly heartbroken about Dorian. I don't suppose anyone knows how he's doing?
I see him out & about every now & again (& he DJs a lot around East London) & he doesn't seem at all affected. I have a grievance against him due to a girl but then that's me.
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Re: "My other favourite band is the Long Blondes"

Post by noLooking » Sat May 14, 2016 15:34

Had to dig to find this thread.

*Blows off dust*

I haven't listened to The Long Blondes for yonks until this morning when something impelled me to dig out "Someone to Drive You Home, but it really is stunning still. I love how it's all rooted round this idea of a woman as a participant in a form of obsessive, all-out romantic warfare, where everything is a weapon and your object is to GET THAT MAN AND GRIND YOUR ENEMIES FACES INTO THE DIRT (nothing personal love, just business). I'm sure she's moved on a bit now, but I'll always picture Kate Jackson sat in a bedsit, tensely plotting the next move in her desperate campaign.

Anyway, I hear she's got a new record out. Has anyone heard it? Is it any good? This is the single anyway, I ought to listen to it really.

It's not as good as The Long Blondes is it.

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